Happy Birthday Dineshbhai

Dinesh Patel

Clad in a simple attire with half sleeve’s shirt and a kadhims chappals. All the time barefooted. Walking up and down the factory with a cheer on his face. Always eager to learn, ever ready to grab knowledge. His diary would be full of notes.  Never fails to record information that comes his way. Even if it be from the smallest of the person in human standards. Whatever topic you open up he always has a lot of information and insights to share, be it of politics of any state or that of the central.  It can be on a recent budget or can be of any other disruption or any happenings in the county. Sometimes the discussion is on India’s economy, or the economy of any other country, or even the world’s economy.  He predicts and contemplates as he has so much assimilated information.  I never know that he is a walking university.

Yes, I’m referring to Dinesh S. Patel, the Managing Director of SFP Sons India Pvt., His father was a visionary and a great guide who continually inspired Dineshbhai to remain focused on his education. Dinesh Patel received his Master’s degree in Science in the late 70s from Sardar Patel University.

In the early 90s, having gained considerable working experience, he took his family into confidence and ventured into setting up his own export-oriented unit in the Madras Export Processing Zone and later one more manufacturing unit in Vadodara, Gujarat.

His unique trait is he keeps thinking and thinking in all aspects and keep tinkering around the project he has set his mind to launch.  His insane number of working hours just to solve the problem of bringing the luxury product the perfume to the common man’s household with the brand name JASS Perfume Spray.  This unshakable sense of purpose made him stand unshaken by all adversity.  He is very liberal in showering the credits to people around him while absorbing the negative impact of any trials. He always stands strong bearing the responsibility of all the families working in the organisation.

Another trait is his resilience once sir Winston Churchill said “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”  I have seen this in him and have looked up with much awe.  Any challenge which would have been drastic for a common person will be faced with such calmness. He would get up and just dust himself with the full assurance that he will come out successfully the next time. The old failures have never deterred him nor he would requit it from the people around him or working for him

He has a strong sense of self, if he could conclude what he is doing is right he will abide by it come what may.  He is always self-motivated enough to motivate the team that it’s a good idea and worth the time and money to go forward with. He Stays focused on the reward even if it’s beneath the ruthless risk. He has unique grit and the wits to do it

Then he was always flexible to adapt to changes. Of course, challenges are crucial for any businesses.  Some time I have found the idea could not stay concrete but would evolve. Dineshbai had the  flexibility  to make adjustments and make the idea feasible to relate to the volatile market

Dineshbhai a visionary who could see opportunity in everything.  An innovator and always on the lookout for development ideas. He has the rare knack for convincing people.  A person who is opposed to his idea while walking into his cabin with counter-opinion will come out as an advocator of his idea.  That is his magic.

A visionary who envisions things before they could happen.  His dreams are far beyond boundaries. Today, SFP Sons India Pvt. Ltd has grown into a full-fledged fragrance manufacturing factory and export centre that attracts customers from the world over. His continued dedication has led a small enterprise to grow into a global company that not only provides world-class products like in worldofjass but also provides employment to thousands of employees.

Happy Birthday, Dineshbhai we wish you all the very best for all the future expansions.


Invest in E-commerce Post pandemic

Booming Ecommerce post pandemic

I think long after Christ Jesus, whose life divided human history by BC and AD; now it’s Covid-19’s turn to mark the history by pre-and post-pandemic generation. A new normal has set in. This pandemic has rapidly changed the behaviour of the people. The Covid-19 crisis has no precedence that the world has ever seen.  Every business owner is facing a big blockage in their business roll out. This crisis has shaped societies and economic order. Changes that have happened can be even permanent therefore invest in E-commerce post-pandemic before it’s too late.

Many small companies have died. Some of them are struggling to survive this crisis and stay afloat. There are a handful of companies that have not only invested boldly but have sustained too. The early adopters thoughtfully geared their business towards this behavioural change and captured the market share to emerge as a leader in this post-pandemic era.

Invest in E-Commerce post-pandemic as the time is right to equip digitally. Most important is to acquire new digital talent so businesses are amply equipped to sustain. This phase is critical for any business to fight post-pandemic challenges. This is relevant to business conditions for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Reinvent the business with a digital model: The core concept of business still remains the same for sales channels, revenue models, customer satisfaction and the likes.  Only that the business has to be digitally acclimatised.

Spend on Technology: Invest in e-commerce site so that the digital spends are properly funnelled. Keep the site in good condition well-oiled technically by SEO. Thoroughly monitor the paid and organic marketing activity.  Above all consistently give out market appropriate messages to keep your potential customers well informed about your products, services and capabilities.

Customer experience rules the roost : Guide them smoothly through the obvious path of purchase for online sale and give them the hassle free human centred UX  design to give a satisfactory shopping experience across devises with technological compatibility.  Nevetheless let the physical store purchases too seamlessly sync to the e-commerce site.

Supply chain viability:   Making the product available to the end customer ensuring that even the last mile connectivity is in place which is the key to success.  Model to replenish goods with proper warehousing is a hygiene issue.

Measurable technology: The success of e-commerce will depend on measurability. This will steer the business towards the meandering path of success. Focused marketing activity to guide potential customers into a purchase and analytical capabilities to ensure timely and automated customer interaction for guided purchases.

Invest right in talents: The new age digital talent will be the need of the hour. As most of the existing employees will not invariably be able to adapt. Let the digital culture be the future way forward

Management Interventions: Let e-commerce have adequate attention. Let the marketing communication be clear and sharp to adhere to the gravity of change to align with the company’s objective to emerge stronger after the pandemic

Post Covid-19 era will strongly and positively impact e-commerce capability. This will glean the winners from the rest. It will definitely bring to light the people with the winning streak.

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