YouTube ‘clip feature’…..?

YouTube cut feature

To contend with streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube has come out with a feature to capture short segments of content and share moments from videos or streams. Right now, Youtube has announced that they are testing on the clipping feature starting from today.

Clips on YouTube allows a person to select a 5-60 second segment of the content (video uploads and streams) to be shared on other platforms. If anyone is viewing content from one of the channels in this experiment, then the person may see a clip icon  ‘scissors’ der the video that will allow him to select a portion of the video that he may want to clip. The clip will be played on the original video and loop repeatedly.

Potato is the secret of weight loss…..?

Potato diet

When we are on a weight loss the first thing that goes out of our diet is the potato. But the new fad diet is the extreme way of consuming nothing but only the cooked potatoes for a set period of time with the goal of achieving rapid weight loss. Many have claimed to have had a significant weight loss.  Of Couse, there are no scientific studies that have been done so far to support these claims.  But the thumb rule is to stay away from the deep-fried cooking.

But what is the Potato diet?

It’s committed to eating plain cooked white potatoes for three to five days to lose up to half a kg per day. No toppings recommended except for salt.  Another long term version of the potato diet which has cropped up in the recent times is the Spud fit challenge created by Aussie dieter Andrew Taylor, who ate nothing but potatoes for an entire year to shed around 50 kgs of weight.  In this version sweet potatoes, herbs, spices and even certain fat-free condiments are allowed like tomato sauce or barbecue sauce.

‘There’s nothing special about the potato in terms of weight loss,’ says an enthusiast. ‘It simply does whatever any diet tries to do: limits foods in order to limit total energy consumption. Most likely someone would get bored of eating nothing but potatoes pretty quickly and therefore end up eating less food overall compared to usual.’

The Parade and the Tractor Rally… Where will the eyeballs be?

REpublic day and Famers rally

Republic day parade will be unique this year as there will be no chief guest.  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has cancelled his visit due to the rise of Covid cases in UK.  Government has downsized the spectators to 25000, parade route shortened,  tableaux reduced save the replica of the Ram Temple of Ayodhya alone and ofcourse no child below 15 will partake in the parade. Jawans to wear masks and social distancing for the onlookers

Farmers’ from all across the country are marching towards Delhi in order to take part in the scheduled rally. Tractors from Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan have reached on Tikri border as the farmers sit in for protest for nearly two months. Farmers’ leaders have said the tractor parade will remain peaceful and not affect the official Republic Day parade.

The farmers protesting against the Central government’s new farm laws have been given permission by the Delhi Police to hold a tractor rally on Republic Day. However, the protesters are not happy with the restrictions put on the rally by the police. Kisan unions say they wanted to go to the old Ring Road but have been given permission to hold a rally at a place which largely comes under Haryana.

Rupees 5, 10 and 100 notes to go out of circulation after March – RBI

RBI demonetisation old notes

RBI is yet to send an official statement on halting the old currency notes. But many media reports that an RBI official has stated that these notes will not be in circulation as per the apex bank plan.

It’s also stated that new notes of Rupees 100, 10 and 5 have already come into circulation to help smoothen demands at the time of pulling off the old notes. Just being conscious to streamline demand by ensuring the circulation of the notes of the specific denomination to end the circulation of old currency notes without chaos.

Will Google and Facebook pay?

The US has asked Australia to scrap the proposal to make Facebook  and  Google to pay for news sourced from local media outlets. Further it has asked Australia to study the markets further to develop a voluntary code if it’s appropriate.

But the proposed law formulated in Australia has the political support to make Google and Facebook get into price arbitration if the commercial agreement with Australian media has not arrived. Though the US has raised its concerns on the harmful outcome if the consensus was not reached. Australia seems not to be thwarted in spite of lobbying efforts.

The Australian government upped their antenna post the conclusion of their investigations that the tech giants market power in the media industry will lead to the situation that may pose threat to the country’s democracy. The progression of events pointing toward proceeding with mandatory code.

Nevertheless, Google and Facebook may be limiting their offering to Australia.  As of now for every A$100 of online advertising spend, A$53 goes to Google, A$28 to Facebook and A$19 to other media companies in Australia.