On the flip side… Oh! Sorry. The Personal side of Kiran Bedi – PART 1

Personal side of Kiran Bedi - Part 1

Childhood and Education

Kiran Bedi was born on 9th June 1949 in Amristar into a Punjabi business family.  She was the second child of Prakash Lal and Prem Latha. She has three sisters Shashi, Reeta and Anu.  Bedi’s upbringing was not religious she was brought up in both Hindu and Sikh traditions.  Her father helped with the family’s textile business and also played tennis. Bedi’s grandfather Muni Lal controlled the family business and gave an allowance to Bedi’s father.  But when he enrolled his elder daughter Shashi in Sacred Heart Convent School, Amristar; Muni Lal opposed his granddaughter being educated in a Christian school.  However, Prakash Lal declared financial independence and went ahead and enrolled all his daughters in the same school including Kiran Bedi. Kiran graduated in 1968 with BA (honours) in English.  The same year she won the NCC Cadet Officer Award.  Later she obtained mater’s degree in political science.  After that, she earned a law degree and a PhD from IIT Delhi.

Table Tennis Career

Influenced by her father kiran played tennis from the tender age of Nine.  As a teenager she cut her hair short as it interfered with her game. She has won many awards including national championship.  She was eligible for entry to the Wimbledon Junior championship but was not nominated by the Indian administration