More traffic to your website can impact you negatively for the following reasons


Getting more traffic to the website organically is one of the fundamental goals of Search Engine Optimization. This is the major metric that reflects in the SEO report as a key indicator to evaluate the performance of the optimized website.

Driving users into the site using keywords

Once the user gets into the site the user finds the content very shallow or the content shown is not the actual answer for the result of the search. This will lead to increased bounce rate and lower the time on site metrics.  Google in its best effort to give every user the best result for every possible search within the stipulated time tends to take this as a negative signal indicating that the site is not the correct result for the search query.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is poorly executed or there is no strategy at all. The visitors driven into the site find the content poorly written; will negatively impact the intent of the visitor

The sites take too longer time to load

The site’s speed is too poor and the if the relevant images take too long to open up then the site is not user friendly to navigate.  This will be a pitiful experience for the user

Conversion Goal

Quality traffic is more important than quantity traffic.  The objective of SEO should not be to bring in more traffic.  It’s the Return of Investment that has to be focused upon. Converting 50% of 1000 visitors is better than to convert 25% of 2000 visitors. Fine tuning the  goal will save up on resources and achieving best organic results.  More traffic without proper purpose will not contribute to the health of the site.

Backfiring traffic

Paid traffic from other portals to a site that is not optimized technically, without proper infra structure,  funneling or even user experience can back fire. It will have a negatively impact on the cost to be paid for PPC – Pay per click and CPA – Cost per acquisition

Driving useful traffic is more important than just traffic

All the traffic is not the same and more traffic is always not commendable.