Potato is the secret of weight loss…..?

Potato diet

When we are on a weight loss the first thing that goes out of our diet is the potato. But the new fad diet is the extreme way of consuming nothing but only the cooked potatoes for a set period of time with the goal of achieving rapid weight loss. Many have claimed to have had a significant weight loss.  Of Couse, there are no scientific studies that have been done so far to support these claims.  But the thumb rule is to stay away from the deep-fried cooking.

But what is the Potato diet?

It’s committed to eating plain cooked white potatoes for three to five days to lose up to half a kg per day. No toppings recommended except for salt.  Another long term version of the potato diet which has cropped up in the recent times is the Spud fit challenge created by Aussie dieter Andrew Taylor, who ate nothing but potatoes for an entire year to shed around 50 kgs of weight.  In this version sweet potatoes, herbs, spices and even certain fat-free condiments are allowed like tomato sauce or barbecue sauce.

‘There’s nothing special about the potato in terms of weight loss,’ says an enthusiast. ‘It simply does whatever any diet tries to do: limits foods in order to limit total energy consumption. Most likely someone would get bored of eating nothing but potatoes pretty quickly and therefore end up eating less food overall compared to usual.’