VK Sasikala – Once a kingmaker. Will she be a Maker or a Breaker?

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The disruption over her homecoming marked with so much of speculations. Clad in her green colour saree like the late CM Jayalalitha may be to reiterate that the mantle is still on her. This goes without saying as she is also flying the party’s flag on her car. After being expelled from the position of party chief by the present CM E Palaniswami, the man she handpicked as Chief Minister as part of the reward to comply with her vision and to overturn O Paneersalvam the present Deputy CM.  It’s perceived that she may claim her grounds.  But her modus operandi people keep contemplating.

Tamilnadu is awaiting a great shakening.  Let’s wait and watch what’s getting withered and what is going to stand firm at the wake of this shakening. The acid test is here to pass.

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